Agama A215 SV

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Uppdatering utav A215 1:8

Ingår en uppsättning olimmade betadäck & 1st omålad kaross.

Details of the SV updates are below:

37201/37202/37203/37204 Updated Hinge Pin Braces:
These hinge pin braces utilise a square insert design increasing the range of geometry changes that can be made to the vehicle, further increasing the performance.

39716 CNC Aluminium 16 degree caster block :
Aluminium 16 degree caster block, now in the C-Hub style and included in the box, using a solid pin mount with two grub screws offering a solid and reliable attachment to the vehicle.
This caster block will also be offered in a 13 (39713) and 19 (39719) degree option part.

39063 4mm aluminum ackerman plate:
A 4mm Aluminium ackerman plate has been introduced to remove any flex in the steering system and a new profile has been used to allow full clearance of the steering links.

38224 Steering bushing:
Used with the updated caster block and steering hub for a cleaner and more reliable operation.

38222 Short steering turnbuckle:
With the extended steering hub arm, a shorter turnbuckle has been used to allow for full toe adjustments to be made.

48219/28219 Drive Cups:
The lightened drive cups have now been introduced as standard running gear on the A215 A215E A215T and A215SV vehicles.

37221/37220 SV shock towers:
New shock towers are used with updated geometry to match the new steering system and front arms whilst maintaining a perfect front to rear balance of the vehicle.

32239F Front arm outer hinge pin:
This new captured pin is used with the aluminium caster blocks to secure them to the suspension arm.

31011 Front steering hub:
The new steering hub has been made with a removable steering plate allowing for further adjustments to be made to the steering system as well as a secure and reliable design.
24817 Universal Joint Set:
A UJ driveshaft is used on the front of the buggy to offer a free transmission at full lock.

28220L Front camber turnbuckles:
These turnbuckles have been lengthened to allow for the short and long link setting to be used on the same turnbuckle.

28025/28023 SV Front Roll Bar:
The sway bar has been reshaped to allow for proper operation and clearance from the driveshafts and drive cups.

2212 Steering pivot ball:
A new pivot ball has been made using a one piece threaded design, to make for the most secure link mount.

Agama A215 SV

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